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Sneak preview.

One of only two early 244 emblems in Australia with an as-new, unfaded black background.

The other? On the passenger side, silly.


Lesley said...

The paint work looks immaculate! Well done!

jo said...

Is she (cause all cars are she's silly) going to be kept in a garage or under a nice shaded carport?

Terry Oglesby said...

I thought that circle-and-spear symbol on the front meant that all Volvos were males!

Anyway, that orange and black and silver sure does look nice--when do we get the full show!?

kitchen hand said...

The Tangerine Dream/Orange Oblong/Amber Accelerator (the latter could be a bit of a stretch) will reside beneath a carport between excursions.

The circle and spear symbol is based on Mars' shield and spear - Mars representing iron and steel being Sweden's major industry in the past. I understand the side emblem above was based on the mural crown symbol for Trollhattan, where Volvo has works.