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Another car nut.

Over at Counting Sheep, Jo's father has a new toy, a Willys Jeepster, the original two-wheel-drive four-wheel-drive. If you can see a family resemblance with a Jeep Wrangler that's because the Willys is its great-grandfather.

Now what's that parked next to the Willys? Looks like a nicely-preserved Jaguar Mark II with wire wheels. That would make weekend motoring a delicious choice. Round here, it's Pick Your Volvo. I might have to broaden my automotive tastes.


Anna said...

Niiice. Very nice indeed.

jo said...

Nice spot on the Jag! In fact it was overhauled by a company called Excaliber that retro fits it with A/C and power steering yet still keeping all the rest intact and original. This makes it a rather nice treat to drive around as it feels like a regular sedan.
I still want to snag the keys to the Willy.

Anonymous said...

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